Over & Under Toy Shotgun

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PRODUCT UPDATE 3rd SEPT - sorry guys, our toy shotguns sold out within 2 hours of us listing them for sale. We have ordered 200 more and these will become available end of September. 

If you would like to be guaranteed to receive some of these from our next shipment,  we will be fulfilling all orders on a first come first served basis, so please PREORDER as soon as you can and we will ensure your order is fulfilled first once the next shipment arrives. 


Have you got a little mini-me in your life who wants to be a shooting champion just like mum or dad, uncle or aunty?

Kids love mimicking those they look up to and what better way to teach them gunsafety from an early age than with their own over and under toy competition shotgun!

Featuring a top lever that slides to the side, 4 toy shells which eject from the top barrel, and an electronic “bang” every time they pull the trigger! We will even throw in a couple of LAPORTE baby clay targets for them to play with. 

Our little product testers can’t get enough of these shotguns, and we’re sure your little ones will love them too!!

Available in a choice of WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE or PINK BRONZE WING barrel sticker.


Recommended for 5+ year olds.

Batteries not included.