Olympic Quality by LAPORTE ®
With billions of targets sold since 1927,
LAPORTE ® has positioned itself as a true leader in the design and production of clay targets.
Their range of clay targets are the culmination of long research and development and many of the clay targets used in our sport today were first invented by LAPORTE.

An International company with branches on five continents, LAPORTE boasts two clay factories which produces 1.5 million clays per day, with 30million clays in stock permanently to ensure there is plenty on hand for all their customers around the world! 
BRONZE WING Australia are proud to be the sole supplier of LAPORTE products in Australia and
have a range of their targets available from the following locations:
Melbourne VIC / Maryborough VIC / Griffith NSW / Sydney NSW / Brisbane QLD / Adelaide SA
Click below to check out the range of LAPORTE clays we have to offer:
                 STANDARD CLAYS                                                             SPORTING CLAYS                                                        ECO-FRIENDLY CLAYS



                                                              HIGH DOME CLAYS                                                              FLASH CLAYS