BRONZEWING Shooting Towel - Black

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No one likes a slippery, sweaty stock - in practice or competition. But regardless if rain, hail or shine is on the weather menu - you can keep your gun, and your hands, clean and dry with this soft and absorbent shooting towel from BRONZEWING!

Made from: 

  • 50% Cotton - cotton fibers are known for their super absorbency, holding water up to 27 times their own weight.
  • 50% Bamboo - bamboo makes the towel feel soft while remaining strong and amazingly resilient. Bamboo does not pill or easily unravel so that you can enjoy the good-as-new look for as long as possible

Our towels feature a grommet hole and a ensure that your towel can hang close by your side - whenever you need it to help you eliminate the external factors that can negatively impact on your results.

Available with a SILVER clip....or for a limited time with a choice of PINK, PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW or ORANGE clip.