BRONZE WING Travel Backpack

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Our travel backpacks 🎒 are ideal for those who are on the go!

Whether you’re traveling overseas, interstate or are just on the way to your local club - carrying your firearm in our backpack will free your hands up for the important stuff 🙌

Featuring adjustable and detachable shoulder straps, which are padded for prolonged comfort. These straps fold away nicely under a zipper when not in use. The backpack also features a decent sized pocket on the front for your most important gear and a smaller pocket for your documents.

This item will not only make getting around with your firearm a breeze, but will also protect your gun case while in transit!

And what’s even better is it’s the best value for money firearm backpack on the market - guaranteed!


PS: prior to finalizing you purchase please check the dimensions of your gun case as some of the longer or curved cases may not fit  

The ideal Gun case dimensions are 82cm x 29cm x 9cm...but can vary slightly as long is it’s not much bigger than that.

Should you purchase a backpack and find that it is not suitable for your case, you are welcome to mail it back to us for a refund of the backpack price - as long as it’s received in its original condition 👌