BRONZE WING Temperature Controlled Safe

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In our game, that is the clay target shooting game, CONSISTENCY is everything. 

Did you know that a 20° variation in temperature, either side of the 20°C that our ammo is ballistically tested at, can provide a significant variation in speed? In fact, it's a 50fps variation for every 20°C!

Just think of those cold nights with your ammo stored in the garage or shed, or those incredibly hot days with your chosen loads in the boot of your car while at a competition. Your ammo could be going significantly faster or slower - a speed that the particular load you're using wasn't designed to do. There goes the optimum performance of your chosen shotgun load!

This little unit has been specifically designed to fit two slabs of ammo securely inside, under lock and key, while eliminating this variation. Just plug it into 240V at home or club, or 12V in the car.

Compliant to NSW storage regulations (the most stringent in Australia)...this portable safe locks your ammunition away securely and when not in use for ammo it doubles as a cooler/warmer for your food and drinks. Bonus!