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The word lanyard comes from the French word “laniere” which means to strap - lucky we have French friends at #LAPORTE to translate for us!

And while there are pretty fancy lanyards around today, the first were simple straps made of rope or cord and were tied around a whistle, sword ⚔️ or pistol 🔫 😬

Today lanyards have myriads of uses, in fact if you have nothing better to do, here's an entertaining read on the 50 most common lanyard uses: ... however if you're like us and feel like there's always less than 24 hours in a day - we will abbreviate! Hang your keys, hang your pen, hang your USB storage stick, hang your tools, etc etc...and never lose any of these items again!

And best of all our lanyards are complimentary with any purchase via the BRONZEWING online shop - just pop it in your shopping cart 🛒 prior to check out!!