BRONZE WING and NSI Keyrings

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AKA Boof’s creation…these little babies don’t just look super smart, but will also keep your keys from straying to make sure they’re always at your fingertips when you need them! 💅

Made from recycled fired cases, saved from landfill and lovingly turned into a keyring by our awesome warehouse staff when they have downtime in between the incoming shipments of your favourite ammo 🤗

Currently available in the following varieties:


💥 NSI #EXCLUSIVA AquaMarine 🌊

💥 BRONZEWING #SuperStealth RED ❤️

💥 NSI #DesertRat Orange 🍊

….AND if you’d like some other variety all you need to do is twist Boof’s arm nicely and he’ll make it for you (subject to case availability of course).

If you have a special shell - let’s say one that won a State or National title for you 🏆 …we’d be more than happy to turn it into a nice keepsake for you. All you need to do is send it our way! 📬