AUSTRALIA Boxing Kangaroo Barrel Sticker

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Did you know that YELLOW is the colour of confidence and self esteem? True story!

So if you're dreaming of representing Australia, already doing it ...or simply want the Aussie Boxing Kangaroo by your side - this sticker is the perfect companion to motivate you on that journey. It's also a perfect match with our Yellow BRONZEWING sticker on the other side of the barrel - complimentary from our FREEBIE Online Store section!

If sticking stickers on your barrel isn't your style, they're also handy for decorating your gun safe, gun case or ammo cabinet!


PS: These stickers have 3 layers. Need some pointers on how to apply the sticker to your barrel? The following video link will show you how it's done -

PPS: Do not wipe the sticker down with an oily rag as this may strip off some of the viabrant colours.