Quattro Premium Trap - 28 gram

op-of-the-range T4 cartridge, preferred by the professionals of the Universal Trench and which has seen it used to win many of the important international events.

Loaded with our famous Nobel Sport Vectan 206 powder, high performance Gualandi VZero wad and lead with silver graphite coating that allows for greater effectiveness on impact with the target.

Medium distance range Point Of Impact (POI) between 27m / 45m. Result: always consistent and a well distributed pattern that will give satisfaction to the barrels of your gun with a truly impressive result.

Gauge 12
28 GRAM - 1 OZ
Shot Size
Pellets Lead
Head Brass 23mm
Tube Colour Red
Powder Nobel Sport 206
Wad Gualandi VZero
Wad # of Wings 4
Type/Lead Colour Silver
Box / Case 25/250