Quattro Fluo - 24 gram

One of our best selling 24 gram cartridges, the QUATTRO FLUO is a favorite for Olympic Trap & Skeet shooters around the world.

Designed to ensure high speed with minimum recoil courtesy of the special wad which absorbs part of the energy produced by the cartridge - reducing the muzzle flip of the shotgun and allowing a smoother swing for the execution of a perfectly aligned second shot.

Loaded with NSI's famous Nobel Sport Vectan 206 SV powder, the exclusive NSI Classic wad, as well as silver graphite lead shot which offers greater effectiveness on impact with the clay target.


Gauge 12
24 GRAM - 7/8 OZ
Shot Size 7½ - 
Pellets Lead
Head Brass 23mm
Case Colour Fluro Green
Powder Nobel Sport 206 SV
Wad NSI Classic
Wad # of Wings 6 pre cut
Type/Lead Colour Silver Graphite
Box / Case 25/250