Quattro Compak Sporting - 28 gram

T4 cartridge specifically designed for the Compak Sporting discipline but also for many other 28gr specialties

Loaded with our famous Nobel Sport Vectan C7 powder,with silver graphite lead shot, and Gualandi Bior wad that facilitates a greater opening of the shot group, perfect load for short-medium distances (15-40m) . 8½ and 9½ shot size is recommended for very short and close shots (in-coming targets and rabbit)

Gauge 12
28 GRAM - 1 OZ
Shot Size 7½ -  8½
Pellets Lead
Head Brass 23mm
Tube Colour Clear
Powder Nobel Sport C7
Wad Gualandi Bior
Wad # of Wings 4
Type/Lead Colour Tempered
Box / Case 25/250