PC PRO 6C - Sporting Trap

More accomplished, more accessible and more attractive than ever, the PC 6 Column 350 PRO finally boosts your shooting to new perspectives and adventures. Based on the advanced technology of the 185 PC 8C PRO, it is THE LAPORTE® answer to all your requirements. Low maintenance operation. Precision in trajectories whatever its rotation. All parts are anti-corrosion.

Designed for extreme situations and conditions, the 185 PC 350 6C is the lightest of the PC range with a weight of only 54 kg which allows you to transport it easily everywhere.

Benefiting from the latest innovations of the LAPORTE® PRO range, the PC 6C 350  goes even further in precision and performance.

A real technological feat, it combines four machines in one, thanks to its new adjustable base. This allows a multitude of shooting positions with lateral (30° right and 30° left) and vertical (maximum height of 65°) adjustment. The addition of an additional base allows the machine to be tilted 65° to the left, right and even forward (-65°).

Equipped with an electro-mechanical circuit board integrated in the body, powered by 12V, this launcher can launch more than 5000 clays with a single 88 A/h battery (depending on the spring).

With only one tool, you will be able to make all the adjustments (firing angles, spring tension, barrel assembly) in record time and with ease. The PC 6C 350 PRO benefits from a new generation motor combining performance and low consumption. It offers an exceptional autonomy of more than 8000 frames before recharging the battery. The designers of this LAPORTE® innovation have gone even further to meet your expectations and deliver this unique combination of lightness, reliability, performance and precision. Supplied with an optional 50m remote control cable. LAPORTE®, a guarantee of quality since 1927, guarantees this machine for 3 years.


 up to 350 Targets





ANGLE (Vertical)



2.2 sec




54 kg


3 years