Exclusiva Compak Sporting - 28 gram

Packing 1378fps, the distinctive feature of the Exclusiva Compak Sporting cartridge is its exclusive NSI transluscent plastic wad with a cork disc insert. The plastic wad is cut into 8 petals, while the elasticity of the cork disc insert acts as an internal shock absorber and protects the pellets from dispersion, minimizing stray pellets and providing more consistency with every shell.
The 8-petal cut increases the gap between the wad and the shot once fired and the pellets that are in the center of the pattern have more strength and thus more force providing a devastating effect on the clay target.
The Exclusiva range is ideal for the most discerning competitors who demand only the most Exclusive results from their performance.
Gauge 12
28 GRAM - 1 OZ
Shot Size 8
Pellets Lead
Head Brass 23mm
Case Colour Transluscent/Clear
Powder Nobel Sport C7 V
Wad NSI Classic plastic wad with cork insert
Wad # of Wings 8 pre-cut
Type/Lead Colour Silver 5% Antimony
Box / Case 25/250