Potato Gun

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Who had one of these to play with in their childhood? We didn't...and we seriously feel like we missed out!

This potato gun will produce more than 300 shots from one potato! Simply press the nozzle into the potato and break off a pellet with a downward motion. Aim. And shoot!! 

While this gun boasts to be unbreakable due to it's sturdy construction and is considered to be completely harmless....we would still recommend not to aim at another person's face or exposed skin. And if playing with others, the use of eyewear is strongly recommended.

This gun easily pulls apart for a complete clean and just like with any gun - if you look after it, it will give you years of service! 


NB: This toy is recommended for children over the age of 5 (or adults of a slightly more mature age), and as it contains small parts it is definitely not for children under the age of 3.