About Us

Bronze Wing Ammunition is Australia’s foremost shotgun cartridge manufacturer. Formed by a group of passionate shooters who wanted to make efficient competition shells, Bronze Wing evolved into a company that makes superior shells, blasting away the competition.


Bronze Wing is very proud to be an Australian company manufacturing Australian products for Australian shooters.


Catering to clay target shooters and hunters, Bronze Wing is located in the small township of Yenda near Griffith NSW, next door to the Casella Wines Yellowtail Winery. In Yenda, you’re likely to see actual Bronze Wing pigeons flying around. They’re native to the area. One of the largest pigeons in Australia, they appear bronze in dull light, but flash in many colours in the sun as the bird flies. When intruders get too close, the Bronze Wing pigeon takes off with an explosive burst, and disappears from sight within seconds.


Like the pigeons the company is named after, Bronze Wing Ammunition goes harder and faster, with its competition cartridges winning several Gold medals at major Australian events, including the Commonwealth ISSF Trap Championship 2013, Skeet Doubles National Title 2012, Australian Nationals ISSF Trap Title 2012, and ISSF Trap Oceania Title 2011.


When you’re looking for ultimate shooting penetration and efficiency, Bronze Wing Ammunition offers the best possible products at the lowest possible price. Australian shooters who want the best choose Bronze Wing.